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LCL Ocean Cargo Calculator

Key Benefits of LCL Shipping Via Ocean Cargo Versus Air Cargo or Air Courier

bulletNo limit on weight per box.  Try to keep them so a human being can lift them so they do not rip open.
bulletNo limit on how many boxes you ship.  We do not charge by the number of boxes per shipment.
bulletThe more cargo you have the less it is per Cubic Meter.  LCL Cargo is charged only by size.


LCL cargo sails every week with an average transit time of 25 days.  Over 70 stations to deliver cargo in USA.

Pickup From Industry or Home Available
Cargo must be placed on the truck by the shipper otherwise extra charges may apply for inside pickup.
Option For Warehouse to Warehouse or Door To Door
Clearance and delivery on a per country basis and quoted with full details of final address.
Free Warehouse in USA for 30 days should you want to explore shopping in the USA
Warehouse receiving and palletizing charges are shown on all of our LCL quotes generated online.

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